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The Volteo Horse Service fleet includes high-specialized trucks and a horse-carrying trailer. Our horse-drawn vehicles are designed and made in accordance with current European standards and regulations.

They are equipped, among others, with monitoring, a perfect ventilation system, a movable system of partitions, thanks to which it is possible to obtain a different loading surface and, if necessary, to completely separate the horses from each other. This allows for the free and safe transport of mares with foals or foals, ponies, stallions or problematic horses.

All our vehicles have veterinary acceptance, are systematically subjected to a disinfection process and undergo regular service inspections. Drivers are properly trained and provide excellent care for horses throughout the entire journey from loading to unloading at the destination.

The company's fleet is currently:

- Renault Master adapted to transport two horses

- Mercedes Actros that can accommodate 12 horses

- Scania that can accommodate 10 horses

- Daf for 7 horses

- 2 double trailers

We are ready to transport 35 horses at the same time.

Our horseboxes

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